Portfolio Development

Building a strong portfolio can take time, but we’re here to help! Here are some top tips…


Use your portfolio to show off the range of shoots you’ve worked on – a varied portfolio is a strong portfolio! Clients like to see a variety of full length and close-up images, commercial and editorial. This will demonstrate your experience and how you adapt to different styles, be it stills or video work.


A strong headshot is essential as this is the first image a client will see. Make sure to share a selection of smiling and neutral headshots with us so that we can choose the best image for your profile.

Top tip – aim for very natural hair and makeup, and avoid shadows / hands near your face, as this can really distract from the image!


Test shoots are a brilliant way to build your portfolio through working with different photography styles. We recommend reaching out to testing photographers on Instagram as a starting point. Mustard also has some great photography contacts, so we’ll be sure to put you forward for upcoming tests if you’re in need of new images!

Refreshing your portfolio can be really effective in attracting new clients, so it’s important that images are up to date. In general, we would suggest testing twice a year to keep your book updated with new images.

We also have our own in-house photographer, who is available to shoot portfolio updates with models who need them. We kindly ask that any images taken by Gareth, for Mustard, are not shared with any other agency.

You may, however, use them on your social media, tagging us @mustardmodels, and Gareth @garethrhys_


Please keep us posted with any new shoot pictures or changes to your appearance (tattoos, new hair etc), as it is crucial that all portfolios on the website are up to date!

When sending us new images, please ensure they are high res and use WeTransfer, as this really helps to save the image quality.