Mini Model Update day Recap

We’re prepping for the madness of Summer, and what better way to do it than with an update day for our mini Mustard Models?

We invited 14 of our child models (and their parents!) to Bristol to get their books looking fresh and ready for Summer.

To give you an idea of what our kids get up to, last week, we had siblings Isabella and Monty off to Austria to shoot for Mountain Warehouse, and in January, The Girvan-Robins Family flew out to Malaga to shoot for E45! 

But that’s just one of many fun shoots our child models get involved with. Whether it’s sticking and glueing with Hobbycraft, playing with Hot Wheels and Barbies, or showing off the latest Mini Boden fit, our mini models are on it.

Check out their new books below! 

Zofia P, Zay, Ladi, Zena, Theo, Albie, Harlow B, Hannah E, Emma C, Redd, Isaac A, and The Girvan-Robins Family